Hello! My Name is Danny M

Full Stack Developer & Automation Expert

    Full stack developer and consultant
    Danny M

    I am a full stack developer who has been programming professionally for 8 years, with hands on experience building enterprise systems which are live in production today. I am an all rounder having experience in frontend, backend, automation testing, devops and architecture and will be an asset in any team or solo project I’m put into.

    Some of the many things I can do for you
    Skills and services

    WordPress websites: WordPress is a very popular content management system and perfect for small websites with typical functionality. I have many years experience in building modern WordPress websites/plugins and will be able to get yours running to its potential today!

    Mobile apps: Having built many full stack apps over the years, I’ll be able to get any mobile project off the ground quickly and effectively. I have most experience in react native which have become popular for its ability to have one codebase for multiple types of systems (IOS, Android and more).

    Automation Testing: Automated tests are considered a must have for any company hoping to remain competitive over time. Uplift your efficiency and make your deployments smooth and quick. I have many years experience building testing frameworks for end to end test, integration tests and more.

    DevOps and automation: Automated deployments can keep confidence high for rapid and frequent deployments allowing you to deliver value to your users quickly and effectively. I have strong experience building automated deployments and have used many tools over the years including, Bamboo, Azure DevOps, Code Star and Jenkins.

    Cloud/AWS: Moving to the cloud is a journey more and more companies are beginning in order to get the productivity and cost benefits. Fear not the change doesn’t have to be difficult, having made the change for businesses in the past the job can be broken down and tackled over time.

    Architecture planning and consulting: Planning and well thought out designs can save months for any outcome or feature you are trying to deliver. Having designed and built complex decoupled systems and experienced the rewards of a loosely coupled design hire me today to experience the rewards yourself.

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      • Where are you based?

        I’m based in Melbourne which has the time zone AEDT (+11) but am happy to work online with clients anywhere in the world.

      • Where did you learn the wide variety of skills?

        I’ve always been someone who loves learning new technologies and skills and as such I’ve had an interesting career. My first corporate role was an Automation tester followed by full stack developer and recently I’ve been a DevOps automation expert. All of this is because I have a real passion for tech and am constantly working on small side projects that keep me up to date with the latest tech.

      • How does payment function for work done?

        I’m happy to use either a pay by the hour model or a pay for work delivered model but the later requires a well defined scope so that the work can be delivered on time and within budget.

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